Motivational Wallpapers


I’ve been looking for motivational wallpapers with actual meaning for such a long time. Even if I manage to find some “good” ones most of the time either the quality is low or the screen resolution does not match.


  • Wallpapers are not motivational at all or of low quality
  • Screen resolutions usually don’t match


Add some motivation to the mixture

For most of the part, motivational wallpapers lack the motivation in them. They are actually images with random quotes on them. Nothing particular that motivates me on that.

I’m a big fan of companies with real values. Buffer is one of them – you should really read the Buffer’s 10 values if you haven’t already. I also do like bold words.

My decision was to use a trigger sentence mixed with the Buffer’s 10 values. We will be using these to build some motivational wallpapers.

  • Choose Positivity
  • Default to transparency
  • Focus on self-improvement
  • Be a no-ego doer
  • Listen first, then listen more
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Make time to reflect
  • Live smarter, not harder
  • Show gratitude
  • Do the right thing



Continue. Focus on self-improvement.
Rising stairs, the focus is on the way to the top, my favourite wallpaper. It pushes you to not let go and focus on your self-improvement.


Be Clear. Default to transparency.
The clear view on the glass path is a constant reminder on the importance of openness and transparency.


Don’t brag. Be a no-ego doer.
Zoom in on the shiny details in life and it will be an unavoidable reminder on bragging and ego. The mildly annoying pink filter is there to catch the attention now and then.


Be careful. Do the right thing.
My preference is one step in the direction of a warning instead of a reminder in this case. If you need a warning on your desktop, this is the wallpaper to go with.


Reflect. Focus on self-improvement.
A lonely man thinking. This will make the most of us reflect and think. In times of information overload the ability to reflect should come in handy.


Stay calm. Communicate with clarity.
The emergency line is there but we still need to keep a clear head even if we want or need to use it. In any case staying calm will be a good thing to do.


Take it easy. Live smarter, not harder.
A street, crowded with approaching trams, obviously too much. One would have been enough.


The wallpapers are available in following screen resolutions: